A 2017 City of Walla Walla Population and Land Capacity Analysis showed that there was the potential for approximately 3576 housing units within Walla Walla City limits. This means at an average household size of 2.43 people there is sufficient land base within the existing city limits for a population increase of 8690 people. Why is this land even needed for development when there is obviously enough land within existing city limits to build housing? Why have not all these options been explored before we go expanding the city limits and what will be the future costs to us the taxpayers of enlarging the city to take in this new land and development. Sure, the developers will pay some of the initial costs but in the end, it will be left to the city to maintain the infrastructure that has been put in place.

If the City projects that it expects moderate population growth over the next twenty years with approximately 5,690 people expected by 2038 why is this new development even needed if there are more than 8000 available expansion residential areas within the city limits per LU-2 from the 2040 plan? This seems to say that this development and all its complications is not needed. It does not meet several Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Planning guidelines and may even harm one of growing industries: wine tourism.

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