The proposed plan threatens to make almost nightmarish traffic that much worse and uses data that is over 18 months old. Per the City of Walla Walla Traffic Impact Analysis Guidelines by Neal Chavre written and approved in November 2018, on page 7 it states: If current data (less than 18 months) is not available, an updated traffic count would have to be performed. The data on some parts of the submitted TIA is older than 18 months, the data having been collected in January 2019. While pandemic issues have dramatically changed traffic dynamics at the intersections surrounding the schools it is imperative that the data reflect what is happening NOW and not what was occurring in January of 2019 nor should we make extrapolations on data that is old and can lead to faulty assumptions. Because of the above the proposed revisions to traffic are not adequate. The LOS (level of service) for almost all intersections do not improve and public safety could be compromised as it would be difficult for fire and ambulance crews to leave the station on Howard during a rush hour. Fern and Abbot is a top ten crash intersection, the blind corner on the Reser Creek Bridge is a hazard to pedestrians and cyclists. Only one side of the road on Cottonwood appears to get a bicycle lane. The Reser Creek Bridge does not meet the city standards for width of roadway with no room for cars, cyclists or pedestrians. I question as to whether the TIA submitted considers the new developments planned along Reser and Ransom and possible development of land north of Eagle Crest. The TIA does not consider the possible impact of traffic on Eagle Crest and Wenaha. It fails to take into adequate account traffic going down Langdon and coming out on the blind corner at Plaza and Langdon. The impacts of increased traffic on Third going to Tietan. Because Wilbur has a gap, traffic will be funneled onto School Rd. This will impact the elementary school there and since the city recently annexed land on Pleasant and Berney for a development how will this traffic impact this area? Bottom line this development will only make a bad traffic situation that much worse, and the developer plans little or no mitigation. The development dramatically increases the traffic through at least two and possible three school intersections. Is this really showing concern for child and pedestrian safety?

What about the sidewalk deficiencies along Cottonwood, Kendall and Reser? Many students walk to school, and this will even be more hazardous with increased traffic on the road. Why are the roads and needed cyclist and pedestrian infrastructure not fixed before allowing development or at least mandated to be fixed prior to any approval? If sidewalks are planned what about the county side of the roads on Kendall and Cottonwood?

Lack of transit to the area with no evidence of planning for bus stops. No evidence that the developer plans to help with that either.

How can the older bridges found on Kendall, and which would see expanded traffic should the proposed development go through, be replaced. Are they adequate for the increased traffic load and weights of not only large fire trucks in the future but in the near term for heavy construction equipment to pass over during the construction of the development?

If 2nd to Cottonwood is a freight route how will this be affected by the increase in traffic?

The City requires a higher level of service for streets where capacity is of higher importance. The TIA identifies Cottonwood as a “Minor arterial.” How can a freight route and a street that is proposed to carry the cars from a 254-home development be called minor and yet not have its LOS improve at all? If Cottonwood is a designated freight route per the City I question if the TIA took this into account and if not, how will it be?

The 2017-2022 Capital Facilities Plan identified a need for a new fire station to the south. How is this being addressed as I do not see one in the proposed development and traffic issues on Howard may prevent this station from being effective during school rush hours? If this needed new fire station is not funded by the developer, how will it be funded? Has this even been planned for?

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